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London residents enjoy a lot more than sport during the Olympics

The Olympics coming to London this year has meant so much more than just sporting events to the people of the Capital. As the streets become more and more congested, the locals have decided to claim a bit of London back for themselves. Many arts and cultural organisations have taken to the streets in a big way. In fact, in a way that has probably never been seen before.

What is more, a lot of the shows and events taking place right now are all about audience participation. This was taken to the extreme in the interactive show, You Me Bum Bum Train, put on by Create and Theatre Royal, Stratford at the Barbican. The show had hundreds of participants, all volunteers, performing for just one person in the audience.

Then there was the Big Dance and Tate’s Tanks. Both done with the help of members of the public. Rival organisations are now joining together to put on shows on a massive scale. Sadlers Wells and the Barbican both collaborated in the amazing Pina Bausch season which was sold out and many local authorities and arts organisations are joining forces on an unprecedented scale.

Top class art and entertainment can be seen right across London this year and it is for everyone to join in the fun. The Tate Modern has the new Turbine Hall exhibition from Tino Sehgal and the Barbican has exhibitions of James Bond and Bauhaus. Then there is the exhibition of Shakespeare: Staging the World at the British Museum.

Then, of course, there is the fantastic Metamorphosis of music, dance and art at Trafalgar Square. So we can ignore all the dire warnings about traffic chaos in the Capital and jump on a tube and enjoy all this. It is our city and our Olympics so we should make the most of it.



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