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London Transport Museum to celebrate 150 year history of the tube

A new exhibition that will be hosted by the London Transport Museum aims to celebrate the last 150 years of the Tube by featuring pop art posters that were featured on the walls of the tube stations for the past century and a half. The new display will feature posters from every decade that graced Tube walls since 1908.

The exhibit, titled Poster Art 150- London Underground’s Greatest Designs, will open in February at the London Transport Museum and is the first of its type to open since the sixties. Not only will the exhibit feature the different art posters, but it also clearly shows how art styles have changed over the past century.

A panel of experts chose the 150 posters out of 3000 that were nominated for inclusion.

Director of the London Transport Museum, Sam Mullins, stated that the posters were chosen by their experts and is easily the most comprehensive poster exhibit that they have ever pulled together.

The exhibit opens on February 15th and runs until October 27th. Visitors that stop by to see the exhibit are invited to vote for their favourite posters and on the closing date of the show the most popular poster will be announced.

The show is a nice mix of well known posters such as the ‘Keeps London Going’ pair that was done by Man Ray the surrealist photographer and of posters that are less well known. In addition, there will also be a few letter-press posters on display that date back to the beginning of the 19th century.

The London Transport Museum says that the exhibit is a testament to how much the London Underground has helped to develop the arts. Some other popular artists that will see their posters on display include Paul Nash and Edward McKnight Kauffer.


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