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London will be alive with street art exhibitions this Spring

Spring of 2012 will see some fantastic exhibitions of street art opening in London. Although showing street art in a gallery may be a complete contradiction in terms, some street artists believe this is the way forward to make their work even more acceptable to the viewing public.

Since it’s rather basic concept street art has become quite popular with people, especially in the capital. Although, strictly speaking, still illegal it is now thought by many people to brighten up the sometimes drab streets of the city and no-one can deny the talent sometimes on display. Indeed it is now definitely an important part of modern urban culture.

One of the more well-known street artists, Stik began his career of urban art while living rough in Hackney. Now no longer homeless he can count the Duke of Kent and Elton John as big fans of his work and he has also done work for Queen guitarist Brian May.

His exhibition will show to full advantage his excruciating attention to detail and the dourness for which he is renowned. As well as launching his new print, ‘Walk’ the exhibition will include sculptures, large canvasses and light boxes.



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