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Lord Archer sells his art collection

This week Lord Archer is selling part of his art collection as well as some remarkable memorabilia that has been donated by celebrities all to raise money for charity. He may not be the favorite of everyone but Lord Archer has led a somewhat of an extraordinary life and he has many extraordinarily people he calls friends.


In the House of Commons he has served five years while in the House of Lords he served 19 years and two of those were at Her Majesty’s pleasure. He has amassed book sales of over 250 million, lots of lolly and an art collection than most museums or galleries would do anything for.


Tonight at Christie’s, the world’s most famous auctioneer of fine art, the Granchester author will auction off some things from the rich and famous as he hosts the auction of the items they have donated to him for charity. Over 150 of the his collection he has bought through the years will feature in the second auction this as well with charitable giving on hand, including a donation for the building in Cambridge of a new children’s hospital.

Lord Archer has been doing the first type of auction for years and years. He is as well an accomplished auctioneer and each year he runs over 30 sales all aimed at raising money for charitable causes. However the second auction he says was prompted by the fact he is now older than 70 and has realized its time to put aside certain tendencies and accept he is mortal.

He has asked his family – wife Mary and two sons James and William, to pick out what they would like to see stay with the family and he has also told Oxford’s Asmolena and Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum they also can have six each of what they would most want.

He is then to sell off other works of art at the behest of his wife the chairwoman of the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which runs Rosie and Addenbrooke’s and donating the proceeds towards the project to build a new children’s hospital.


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