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LS Lowry is the star of the show at northern artists exhibition

An exhibition this autumn at Hale art gallery is to display original LS Lowry paintings as well as original paintings by 32 other northern artists. The exhibition, Northern Art: Past and Present, is to run from 13 September to 13 October at Clark Art gallery and is to be one of the biggest displays or northern art exhibited.

The landmark exhibition is to take visitors on a journey, travelling chronologically from Adolphe Valette’s classic works, through Lowry and his contemporaries before finishing with Liam Spencer and Stacey Manton and their never before seen works.

Also featured in the exhibition will be work by Ben Kelly, official artist for Manchester City FC for 2008/9. The owner of Clark Art gallery and northern art expert, Bill Clark is reported to have said that the show is not only about the big names but also those which will become favourites in the future.

There are currently some extremely talented artists who are working within the genre of Northern art, and it will be fascinating to be able to view their work displayed next to those who inspired them.

He went on to say that the exhibition had been in the planning stages for some time and that it is an exciting time for the movement and the show celebrates this whilst illustrating how the genre has evolved. Mr Clark says they are proud to be waving the flag for northern arts and letting the finest artistic talent from the north shine.



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