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Lucian Freud unfinished piece at National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery has recently announced that it will displaying the final painting that Lucian Freud failed to finish before his death. This is the first time that the work will be shown in public and it remains incomplete. The painting is a nude of the artists long time assistant, David Dawson.

The show will be taking place in 2012 and is regarded to be the biggest showing of his art since 2002. The gallery will be showing an extensive collection of his work, all the way from the 1940’s to the painting he was working on earlier this year. Freud died, aged 88, in July this year.

There will be over 100 works of art on show and these have been borrowed from many galleries from all around the world. In the collection that will be on display there are a great many portraits of some of the people that Freud was close to as well as some important people in society.

Sandy Nairne is the director of the National Portrait Gallery and has said of the exhibition, “This show is one of the countdown events that will lead to the London 2012 Festival, the cultural highlight of the Games.”


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