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Lynn Arts Centre runs competition for artists in the east of the UK

Artists in the eastern part of the UK are being invited to submit entries to the competition run by the Lynn Arts Centre. The art competition is the longest running in this part of the country and it has been going for over 40 years. It is an opportunity for artists in the regions of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk to present their works to important people from the art world.

There are several prizes available for artwork and the highest prize is £2000. There are other prizes too awarded in the £50-£1000 range. Mark Hill is one of the judges and he is the curator of Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Gallery, as well as being a well-known television presenter. Jessica Lack, an art writer for the Guardian newspaper, is also a judge.

Selections are going to be made by the panel of judges that is made up of the aforementioned experts, as well as several international judges. A decision about the artworks will be decided before May.

There are numerous locations in the east of the country where submissions by artists can be entered. These include Haddenham Craft Centre, Cuckoo Farm Studios in Essex, Ely, The Cut in Suffolk, the Courtyard Arts Centre in Hertfordshire, Zeroeast in Norfolk and the Lynn Arts Centre in King’s Lynn.

The show with the selected pieces of art is going to run from late March until mid-May and is going to provide a unique opportunity for people in the local area to enjoy some of the best art in the country. It is possible to collect an entry form from the Lynn Arts Centre, but it can also be downloaded online or obtained by writing to the centre and asking for one. The competition costs £12 to enter and the final deadline is 24 February.



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