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Major overhaul at Tate Britain

sheepTate Britain will receive a thorough going over by the way of refurbishment, now that a shortfall of funding has been raised. The gallery will be redone to become one of the finest in London.  It will get an overhaul that will allow exhibition of heavy sculptures for the only time in its history and open more space for acquisitions.

Private investors have put more than £28 million toward the project over the course of the past couple of years.  The work is slated to begin in February, with about 25 per cent of the gallery closing for the refurbishing.Not much information has been released in terms of the architectural plans for this project, but with this amount invested, it is clear they would have the crème de la crème from the Business Directory of London. A superior arts establishment, highly valued amongst British culture, the Tate Britain will continue with events and exhibitions right through renovations. The Tate Britain has recently shown a surge in attendance even in lieu of the success of its sister gallery, The Tate Modern. The transformation, unfortunately, is not expected to be complete in time for the London Olympics and the gallery will have to run at about 75 per cent during that time.


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