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Major part of £1m sculpture sold off for scrap

The core of a million pound sculpture that was being created in order to represent the resurgence and regeneration of Manchester has been sold off as scrap for a total of £17,000. The ‘B’ that is supposed to be the heart of the Bang was set to be erected close to the City of Manchester Stadium.

However, in 2009 it was taken down due to legal problems and some troubling safety issues. It had been commissioned to celebrate the Commonwealth Games of Manchester in 2002 but was not actually officially unveiled until three years later in 2005.

However, now the core of the 56m steel structure has been sold off and the spikes will be put into storage as the city decides what to do about the troubling sculpture. It is without a doubt one of the largest public artworks in the UK, but it has also been plagued by a host of problems including one spike that fell off the statue leading to the others being removed to avoid a safety crisis. The council also sued Thomas Heatherwick’s studio over the sculpture after it became a public health menace and won £1.7m.

A spokesman for the council stated that the B of the Bang sculpture was a great artistic statement, but it sadly was undermined by technical problems that made it hard to focus on the vision behind it.

He added that hopefully the people of the city and the council can one day bring the sculpture back, but for the time being the spikes will be stored. Designer of the sculpture, Heatherwick, stated that he was still proud of the sculpture and that he feels the structural issues could have been fixed so that the sculpture could still be on display today.


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