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Manchester museums get big cash injection

Manchester museums and art galleries are soon going to benefit from a multi-million bonanza as the cash is going to be split between deserving foundations. A large piece of the £60m fund has already been reserved for top culture venues the Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Museum in an effort to get a new generation of youth interested in culture.

The cash will be used on various promotions targeted at babies, school children, and even some activities are aimed at getting pensioners to appreciate spending time at the galleries. Those in charge of the project hope to increase visitor numbers to the galleries up to 1m a year before 2015. Currently the number of visitors sits at 850,000 yearly.

How the money gets dispersed and more details will be described in April after the Arts Council finishes its negotiations, but until then it is hoped that at least a few million will go towards creating new visitor programmes throughout Manchester.

One such hope is that a sensory programme will be created for babies to help get them geared towards art lessons and arts.  Another hope is that tours will be created for older people to take part in and that a volunteer programme can be established for those that would like to offer their services as a guide.

Joint director of the Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Art Galleries Maria Blashaw stated that for the last several years they have made investments in order to help an increase of people benefit from what they have to offer, but there was always the question of what would happen in the future. Now Blashaw says that the news of funds coming their way will help them to start new programmes to help widen the audience that the museum is able to reach.


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