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Mexico probes Kahlo book works

FridaUnder suspicion that the artworks in Frida Kahlo books are fraudulent the Mexican authorities have decided to launch a probe to get to the bottom of the situation.

Mexican prosecutors became alarmed about the artist’s work when they received a complaint by artist’s trust that over 1,000 of the items in the books were not authenticated.

However, the publishers of the book claim that the book is not legally in the wrong, since the book states in the notes that not all of the items contained within it have been authenticated 100%.

Kahlo is known for stunning self portraits in the nude and was portrayed in a biopic in 2002 by Salma Hayek.

Despite the statement by the publisher, a large group of art historians and the Frida Kahlo Trust stated at a Mexico City press conference, that it would be damaging to the art world to allow the books to be sold to consumers.

The opponents claim that the book commercializes false works, and will present an inaccurate picture of the works by Kahlo.


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