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Michael Vaughan cricket art

crickPreviously known as a cricket captain, Michael Vaughan has a new collection of artwork on display at the Bluewater, which is inspired by both his love of art and the game of cricket.

However, the art itself is not so much inspired by cricket, as it is created with the tools of cricket, which include a bat and ball that are used in place of a paintbrush to create his masterpieces.

Vaughan has nicknamed the technique ‘artballing’ which includes taking a cricket ball that is covered in paint and either batting or bowling it onto a canvas that is placed either on the wall or the floor.

In the art world, the style is referred to as abstract expressionism and was popular in the 40’s and 60’s when Jason Pollock started to allow paint to simply drip on a canvas instead of using a traditional paint brush.

The former cricket captain retired from the game in June, and said that since then he has used his paintings to try and catch some of the most important moments from his career as well as the drama of his sport.

Vaughan stated that at first it was just a fun project but the more he played with the idea the more he took his new found art seriously.  He continued to say that he first began to collect art about four years ago and then started got the idea to try painting with a cricket ball after he heard from a friend about Martina Navratilova’s discovery of painting with a racket and tennis ball.


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