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Mona Lisa had high cholesterol gleam in her eye

Mona_LisaPeople have wondered about what Mona Lisa is gleaming about in her captivating gaze for many years, but until now it has never been contemplated that she may have had a medical problem.

However, a medical expert from Italy, Vito Franco the Professor of Pathological Anatomy at the University of Palermo, claims that the gleam in her eye may in fact be because she had high cholesterol which result in fatty acids that surrounded her eye socket.

Franco claims that Mona Lisa’s eyes clearly show that she is afflicted with a plethora of diseases that could include everything from kidney stones to bone malformations.

His findings were presented in Florence at a European congress on human pathology.

Franco stated that he takes a different look at art than a normal expert in the same way that a mathematician will look at music differently than a music critic.  He also mentioned that he had already analyzed over 100 works of art in the past but focused mostly on the La Stampa which belongs in the category of Old Masters.

According to Franco there are signs in the old paintings that show signs of illness in mythical heroes, angles, and Madonnas or at least in the people that sat for the painting sessions.

One other illness that he reports is of the Portrait of a Young Man which hangs in Washington at the National Gallery.  The man portrayed has ‘spider fingers’ which is a clear sign of Marfan syndrome that is also seen in the painting Madonna which hangs in Florence.


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