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My Bunny Art Exhibition is Full of Teeth and Other Stories

My Bunny Art Exhibition is Full of Teeth and Other Stories

Heavily influenced by her background in theatre and literature and by contemporary socio-environmental events, Teague’s paintings are absurdist and dramatic
5th – 9th October, 2011
Private View 4th October 6pm till 9.30

The Roa Gallery will be giving a preview of Celina Teague’s new solo exhibition, My Bunny is Full of Teeth and Other Stories on the 4th October. These paintings are Teague’s impression of taking a hallucinatory journey into a strange and alternative existence, and they encompass the other side, under side, foreign and unknown side that the artist perceives to exist there.

In Teague’s other world people can eat themselves thin, women give birth to fully grown porns stars and Gorillas are the most revered of romantics. They are akin to the hero of Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa, as they morph into something completely alien. The hero of Teague’s stories is the body, and we see it violated, pumped up, chopped up and decomposed, and it is a glorious protagonist captured in time.

Teague’s background in theatre and literature are heavily influential in her work, and she has also combined elements from contemporary social and environmental events to produce works that are at the time same absurd and dramatic.

Her references are vast and varied; religious paintings and biblical legends, Hieronymus Bosch’s fantasy world, Pieter Breughel’s demonological works and the grotesque, cartoon like visions of Philip Guston, Jakub Julian Ziolkowski and George Condo.

These paintings explore the complexities of the existence of humans, and the sometimes bizarre relationship we have with the world we live in. Teague art is resonant with the darker side of a human’s nature and the unsettling nature of this speaks profoundly to us all.

Teague was born in London in 1981 and did her Masters in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Previously she studied Drama and English at Trinity College, Dublin and fine art at the Universidad de Bellas Artes in Oaxaca, Mexico. She has lived in Berlin and Shanghai – two cities that continue to inspire and influence her practice. This is her second solo show in London.

Opening Hours
10.30 – 7pm weekdays
Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm

Roa Gallery
5b Pall Mall
Royal Opera Arcade


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