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National Museum Wales buys Picasso oil

logo2.pngThe National Museum Wales just bought the first oil painting ever created by Pablo Picasso the ‘Still Work with Poron’ which was painted in December of 1948.

The gallery paid over £1.4m for the work and was purchased through the museum’s Centenary Fund. The Art Fund charity also donated £100,000 towards the cost of the Picasso painting.

Heritage Minister Alun Fred Jones stated that the new acquisition shows the commitment by the museum to make the National Museum a place to see ‘world-class art.’

The painting has a lemon, lobster, and a Spanish wine pitcher in it that references Cubism which was developed by Picasso in the first decade of the 20th century.

Oliver Fairclough, the keeper of art for the National Museum Wales said that the purchase is an important move for the museum which currently has four Picasso works and a decent amount of ceramics which were purchased last year through the Centenary Fund.

Fairclough continued to say that the acquisition of the oil painting is the last component of the museum’s portrayal of Picasso as one of great artists of the twentieth century.

Outside of Picasso, the museum also has a large collection of Monet, Van Gogh, and Cezenne paintings. It also includes paintings from after the war period from such artists as Graham Sutherland and Ceri Richards.

The museum’s director general, Michael Houlihan, said that the museum is grateful to the different trusts that have made the purchase a reality including the partners in the Centenary Fund, the Derek Williams Trust, and The Art Fund.


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