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Nazi stolen art can be returned to Jewish owners

laFriday a new law was passed that allows national museums to return pieces of art stolen by the Nazis back to their original owners or to their rightful descendents.

The bill is titled the Holocaust (Stolen Art) Restitution Act and was introduced by Labour MP Andrew Dismore, who stated that its purpose is to correct an injustice that has been allowed to stand for too long.

According to Dismore while he cannot foresee that the act would be used in many cases, it is a moral law that allows those who need closure on an aspect of the appalling events of the Holocaust to seek legal support in doing so.

Across Britain it is estimated that there are around 20 pieces of confiscated art in museums that were savagely looted from Jewish homes by Nazis.

Now the owners of these pieces can step forward and agree to take financial compensation or the pieces of art back.

In the past several of the prominent British national museums offered heirs compensation if they could prove that a family member owned the artwork in question during World War II.

The Culture Minister, Margaret Hodge commented that the bill’s passage marked a wonderful day for those that had suffered so much lose during WWII. Hodge continued to say that at least now families could get something back that was taken from them by the Nazis.

Co-chair of the Commission for Looted Art in Europe, Anne Webber, also commented that it was a great step forward and that the act shows that the UK is committed to pursuing justice.


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