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Nelson & Forbes Sculpture at Country Living Christmas Fair

Shopping at a Christmas fair is a wonderful way to get in the shopping for the festive season while avoiding the rush that is seen on the high street. The Country Living Christmas Fair which is taking place from the 9th to 11th November in Islington, London, will host the Nelson & Forbes Sculpture Company. The sculpture company is particularly known for its bronze sculptures which will be for sale at the event.

One of the most impressive pieces is cast from 4 kg of bronze and depicts a lioness pouncing. This piece of art costs £2000 and will be an excellent addition to the home of any bronze collector. The dimensions of the piece are 18 cm high and 30 cm long and there are only 150 available worldwide and they are all handmade in the UK.

For a little over £500 visitors can buy a bronze statue depicting a rhinoceros with her young. This piece is limited to just 250 castings and comes with a certificate of authenticity that has been signed by the artist.

All of the bronze pieces created by Nelson & Forbes are made through the use of wax casting, which is a technique that has a history dating back over five millennia. Since this time the method has not changed a great deal and has been most famously used to create the Lions that are seen at Trafalgar Square as well as the creating the doors at the front of the Bank of England. The entire collection on show at the fair is made up of 36 pieces and they have all been created by Jonathan Sanders and Sue Maclaurin.


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