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New Damien Hirst show comes to the Tate Modern

A show by Damien Hirst is currently taking place at the Tate modern and it is a retrospective of much of his art from the past few decades. Damien Hirst is the richest artist in the UK and his exhibition is showing off some of his most famous pieces which have only previously been seen together in private collections.

Over 70 other famous works are being featured at the gallery including the shark that was famously preserved in formaldehyde. The show has a simple name and is titled after the artist himself. There are also some new pieces of work on display at the gallery that have never been seen before, including wallpaper that is decorated with diamonds and butterflies.

There are few other artists in the world who have enjoyed such a successful career as Damien Hirst and he has become known for his unusual pieces of art. One of his most famous pieces of work, which he first displayed in the early 90’s, featured a room filled with butterflies that were feeding on fruit. This work has not been put together again until this latest collection, and those who did not get to see the exhibition first time round will be looking forward to it.

Visitors are also likely to be shocked by some of the pieces of art they see. One of the most disturbing is that of a cow’s head which has been left to rot and has many maggots feeding on it. The maggots are frequently turning into flies and then they are quickly electrocuted by an insect killing device.

Many visitors will be coming to see his most famous work, For The Love Of God. This is a human skull that has been covered in over 8000 perfect diamonds and it can be found in the Turbine Hall at the Tate modern.


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