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New Henry Moore exhibition dedicated to his larger works

Henry Moore is a sculpture who was known for creating artworks out of bronze, a metal created through a mixture of copper and tin. Barbara Hepworth was a contemporary of Mr Moore and later in her life she also decided to create sculptures from bronze. In order to create one of her largest bronze sculptures, she had to sell a Mondrian that was given to her by Mr Moore in order to afford the bronze necessary for the construction.

A new show has been created that is dedicated to some of the larger creations by Henry Moore which he did in his later life. The exhibition is entitled Henry Moore: Late Large Forms. This exhibition is taking place at the Gagosian Gallery which is located in London.

Mr Moore first achieved a great deal of notability when his work was featured alongside Turner’s during the 1948 exhibition. He was also given an award for sculptures during that year and it really marked his entrance onto the art scene.

By the 1960s, his great bronze creations were being seen in many locations. He was commissioned to create many bronze sculptures that have been seen outside banks, City Halls and civic centres of many towns and cities in the UK. Many of the sculptures were also seen in the United States as he was asked to create sculptures for many American cities. This was not something that was met with universal acclaim and famously James Wines, the American architect, was very critical of his pieces.

Whether they are popular or not, there is no doubt that his sculptures have a certain place in the minds of the public. He is certainly most famous for these artworks and they certainly do have a very dominant place in many towns and cities.


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