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New live art space opens at the Tate Modern

The Tate Modern gallery in London debuted its very first space for live art and live installation projects as part of a new plan to explore more interactive components of modern visual culture such as video, performance art, and photography.

The space will be called the Tanks, and was be officially opened to the public on the 18th July. It takes its name actually from the underground oil tanks that are part of the old power station that was converted into an exhibition space and the modern day Tate gallery.

Director of the Tate Modern, Chris Dercon, stated that it is not a museum or a gallery but instead the room is meant to be something completely different that will help inspire and challenge artists to create art that will meet its needs.

Changing the cylinders in the room and creating the Tanks is just the first step of the new Tate Modern Project that will see the entire museum converted and an entirely new wing added onto it. Overall, the project and the new building are expected to increase the size of the gallery by about 60% and will cost around £166m.

Dercon explained that with the Tanks open they will now be able to offer a new type of programming so that moving images, sound, performance, and participation will be valued just as highly as any other type of art on display in the museum.

Among the many artists that are expected to have their works displayed at the Tanks are works by South Korean Sung Hwan Kim and a choreographed piece by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. In order to capitalize on the space, Kim has split the East Tank into two different spaces for his show.


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