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New Scottish motorway art work

agMotorists on A1 at Macmerry in East Lothian will get to watch art in action for the next few weeks.  Two huge cranes, supporting the slowly emerging form of a crouching man 25 metres high, are visible from the motorway as drivers pass by.

The construction underway is the work of Had Fab Ltd. of Macmerry Industrial Estate, a company well known for building pylons and transmission towers.  The project is quite different from Had Fab’s typical jobs, but they obviously have the necessary equipment and expertise to accomplish it. A project of this size requires a lot of construction workers thus providing many job opportunities in East Lothian and the local area.

Antony Gormley, designer of the famous Angel of the North in Gateshead, designed the new sculpture for Lelystad in the Netherlands.  Once it is completed (sometime in May) the entire 60-tonne structure will be disassembled and shipped via flatbed trucks to its permanent home in Lelystad, where it will be reassembled to stand looking out to sea.

Managing director of Had Fab, Simon Harrison, says he has been working with Gormley for the past five years to put the project together.  The finished sculpture will be (aptly) named ‘Exposure’, and Mr. Harrison says it has been getting a lot of attention from the public.

It has also tested the skill and ingenuity of the crew at Had Fab, but they are achieving what many thought was impossible.   Harrison said that Gormley is eager to work with them again, but he hopes the next colossal artwork will be designed for a spot in the U.K.


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