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New way of creating art with kids in the Love Your Yard project

The Love Your Yard project will see a sculptor from Wearside create a new piece of art that school children get to place the finishing touches onto. As part the new project, concrete sculptures are being created that will be placed on the Farringdon Community Sports College grounds.

Among the pieces is a wooden bench that will be painted white so that the pupils can then decorate it using Native American imagery. All together there will be five benches created with each sporting a unique set of designs created by the pupils of the schools.

Sunderland artist Mike Clay is responsible for putting together the pieces. He explained that this is a community project and they are hoping that not only will students get involved and lend a hand; but that also governors, parents, teachers, and carers will all pitch in. He added that the aim is to make sure that every child at the school has a job so that the end result will represent input from all of them.

Each bench weighs about 15 tonnes and stretches out twenty feet allowing for plenty of room for youngsters to drop down and relax when they are on a break from class. As you might imagine, Clay stated that it is very hard to miss the bench when you walk onto the ground. If all goes as well, Clay hopes to integrate more sculptures into the grounds outside of the planned benches.

Clay is known throughout the North East area for his sculptures that have been placed at factories, in shopping centres, and outside of transport systems and even has some work on display in Bulgaria, Belgium, and Germany.


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