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New X Factor for artists

saatchi_galleryThe new X Factor for artists, School of Saatchi, is set to give unknowns the chance to be plucked out of their normal lives and cast up aside other contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin who are represented by Saatchi the art collector.

The show will be filmed over the three months as six artists who have been chosen to live together in an East London art studio.  Over the time span the unknown artists will face various challenges to create a series of public art projects.

Included in the list of challenges is a Saatchi commission for Hastings seafront pieces, which two artists met by creating a ‘zoo without animals’ which in realty was a rock and a climbing wall for monkeys. 

On another location two finalists attempted to create a ‘ghost hut’ using mesh wire scaffolding on the site of burnt out fisherman’s hut.

Although Saatchi will not make an appearance on the camera, due to his reclusive nature, there will be a panel of art experts on hand to critique the work of the finalists and asses their abilities as the show moves on.

The judges are Frank Cohen, Kate Bush, Emin, and Matt Collings.

The winner of the show will receive an art studio in London for the next three years and their very own exhibition at the State Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg where some of the most celebrated collections in the world are housed including acquisitions by Saatchi.


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