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New York’s Pace gallery brings a selection of works to London

Pace, the modern art gallery in New York, is going to be bringing some of its works to London soon with an exhibition that is going to occupy the west wing of the Royal Academy Burling Gardens building.

The president of the art gallery is Marc Glimcher and he has commented, “We are so pleased that there is going to be an exhibition here. It is such a perfect location in the centre of London and will attract many people from the art world. Mayfair is one of the best places in the city that this exhibition could take place and we are delighted to be able to host it.”

Mr Glimcher continued, “The expanded presence of Pace in London has been very beneficial to many people. Not only does it mean that the gallery in London has become an important place for convergence of the world art scene but it has also meant that we can better support artists in the local area. This new collaboration is going to allow us to present some of the best of American art to a whole new crowd of people in London.”

The Royal Academy have said that the collaboration has finally come to fruition after an extensive tender process which has recently been completed. Pace have said that the exhibitions taking place are going to be open to the public and some of them are going to be free of charge. The American art is going to be shown along side the programme planned from the RA which is going to showcase art from elsewhere.

The building in which the art gallery is housed has recently undergone a major refurbishment which has been completed by the architect David Chipperfield. The gallery have said that they are very excited about being able to show art in their newly redone building.


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