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Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair

The Sage Gateshead is the location of the Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair which is taking place this weekend. The event is going to see a great deal of art being sold, but it will also be an opportunity for people to see those in the creative field in action.

There are several artists at the event who are representing themselves but there are also galleries that are responsible for representing several artists. Some of the galleries attending include the Tallantyre Gallery and the Balman Gallery. There are also some galleries who have come right form the outskirts of Newcastle.

Some of the exhibitors are very commercial, such as Castle Galleries and Whitewalls Galleries. There galleries add a splash of colour to city centres. There is also the Globe Gallery which is known for its community involvement as much as its contemporary art. The Globe Gallery has recently moved from its old location to a building which was once a bank on Blandford Square. Just because this art fair is one that is on the street this does not mean that it is not present online. Those who do business on the internet will also be able to be a part of this fair.

Gallereo is a business that has been started by Emma McMillan who has recently completed a Master qualification in New York, she was doing this with Christie’s. Part of her coursework while studying was to discover what was going to be the next big thing in the art world. While doing this she found the work of Hans Meertens a Dutch artist and after writing an article about his work, he has asked her to write a book about it.


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