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Nick Gray commissioned to create video work for new exhibition

Video work has recently been created by Nick Gray, from the design practice Renegade. Mr Gray is perhaps best-known for his lighting and visual work and this new project has just launched in Australia, after very successful shows in Berlin and London.

The artist was commissioned by Charlotte Lurot, and there has also been a great deal of support from the Prince of Wales. The artwork is part of an exhibition entitled Wool Modern and it is going to be looking at how wool is used in many of today’s creative industries.

By commissioning Mr Gray to create a piece of work for this exhibition, the organisers knew that they were going to get an innovative and unique piece. They’ve certainly not been let down as this new installation is completely interactive and involves sound as well as video.

Those who come to see the exhibition will be able to experience a soundscape which is played to observers through headphones. In front of them a story will explode on a visual screen which is designed to show the symmetry, textural possibilities and even the chaos in wool.

This is not the only part of the exhibition there are also several wool yarns that have been stretched over panels. The panels have been lit with LED lighting and this really does create quite a remarkable effect. The lights have been put in a different angle so that viewers get a different impression of the wool on each screen.

The LED’s are in the construction as individual pixels, and Gray has made it so that the light can sweep over the wool and show off its different dynamics. The soundscape which is part of the production, has been made through a collaboration with Silent Studios. A really remarkable piece of art that is definitely worth going to see.


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