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North East artists show at Venice Biennale International Art Fair

For the first time at the Venice Biennale International Art Fair there will be an exhibition from the North East being showcased. The city is loaded with visitors but every other year in June it is completely overrun with artists, contemporary art curators and collectors that descend from all over the world.

Consisting of about 80 countries that show artists in their own pavilions, the Venice Biennale of Art also showcases hundreds of events and fringe exhibitions. The main areas are close to the Doge’s palace in the Public Gardens where no one should be shocked to see two men, both bald headed dressed in pink frocks and with a pink parasol in hand or a woman acting as a DJ dressed in a burka or even a man running on a caterpillar powered upside down tank tracks.

Roman Abramovic’s huge yacht is the one near the gardens and close by is a smaller one, even though still quite large, and is Anita Zabludowicz\s the Gateshead born collector. The first pavilion in the North East is called Interloqui and is based in a palace quite close to the Grand Canal.

The main gallery is full of Villa Joe, Paul Noble’s wool tapestry that was in Newcastle at Laing Art Gallery until just recently. Ceramics from its collections by Edmund de Waal and Neil Brownsword are being shown from Mima in Middlesdrough.

The National Glass Centre in Sunderland  which started the whole idea and was able to secure funding from the Arts Council to make sure it came to fruition has Rose English’s Storyboard and Claire Fontaine’s Dignita Before Bread. The Interloqu, at the North East Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Art is open from November 26 at the Caterina Tognon cotemporary art gallery in Venice at the Palazzon de Ponte.


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