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Northern Ireland gets host of new art facilities

ulThe arts sector of Northern Ireland is currently experiencing a financial boost due to the addition of several world class facilities that emphasize and truly highlight the importance of cultural art and local heritage throughout the region.

This week alone the Ulster Museum will reopen its doors to the public again with a new look and an enormous £150m overhaul that will drastically change the way most people think of the previously dilapidated building.

Along with the new face of the Ulster Museum, the Belfast City Hall also has undergone renovation work and the Lyric Theatre is in the process of being built on Ridgeway Street in the city of Belfast.

Additionally, there are plans for a renovation project that will extend the Central library in Belfast at a price tag of about £50m and plans to build a new Metropolitan Arts Centre to replace the old Museum Arts Centre that will cost in the ballpark of £14.2m.

Improvements are underway outside of Belfast as well with the opening of the new Braid Museum and Arts Centre opening last year in Ballymena and the £4m Irish language arts centre Culturlann Ui Chanain opening in Londonderry last month.

Arts Minister Nelson McCausland stated that in the past several years the arts have not been invested in throughout Northern Ireland but is proud that in the last several years his department has been able to help create a stronger cultural infrastructure in the country.

He added the new investments will help benefit the locals as well as help boost the amount of cultural offerings that are available for tourists.


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