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Nude 10 year old Brooke Shields Pulled from Tate

77“Spiritual America,” a Richard Prince exhibition at the Tate Modern London, was delayed from opening Thursday after Scotland yard issued a warning to the museum that a photograph taken of Brooke Shields in the nude at age ten, may violate obscenity laws.

The Prince exhibition was set to be part of the program at the gallery entitled “Pop Life: Art in a Material World” but did not open after press reviews about the display and the Shields feature drew police attention.
The photograph was first seen in 2007 at the Guggenheim Museum.

It was a photograph that was authorized by Shield’s mother and was printed originally by Gary Gross.

Tate Modern released a statement saying, that for the moment the exhibition will remain closed, and that all items in the catalog are also not for sale at the moment.


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