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Obamas use many artworks to adorn the White House

JasperOver the last few decades the walls that make up the White House have undergone a few dramatic makeovers to their present rich bold colours followed by abstract shapes.

The new theme of the artwork’s for the White House has just been revealed, and now works by artists Mark Rothko and Jasper Johns adorn the walls of the house, alongside a few Degas sculptures, and many Native American and African American artworks that are obscure in their origins.

The abstract feel to the White House extends past paintings in the outer areas, and into the Oval Office, where patent models for a steamboat and gear cutter reside.

The president’s wife, Michelle Obama, was in charge of all of the redecoration efforts, and decided to borrow 45 pieces of art from Washington museums to decorate the West and East Wing, public and private areas.

Although William Allman the White House curator noted that other president’s wives have used artwork for decoration previously such as Hillary Clinton and Jacqueline Kennedy, he added that the Obamas by far, have chosen the largest number of items.

Many of the pieces were borrowed from the National Gallery in Washington, where the only criteria was that artwork was not be removed from public display, thus they can only be used in the “public areas of the White House.


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