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Opening date announced for the Doctor Who Experience at Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay has been long awaiting the arrival of the Doctor Who Experience and it has recently been revealed by the BBC that a date has been set for its opening. Additional details about the experience were made available at a grand opening event which took place in the Cardiff Bay area.

The BBC announced that the experience is going to be opening on 20 July, and that advance tickets to the event are going to be made available on 14 June. There are going to be numerous attractions at the experience which are going to appeal to Doctor Who fans. There is going to be a statue of the TARDIS which the television show is synonymous with, and visitors are also going to be able to access the experience by a specially constructed port.

The building which houses the exhibition is also one of the first of its kind architecturally. It is constructed from steel beams, but the really unique thing is that it has a special sort of cover which is only one millimetre thick, but it is incredibly strong. Normally this is the sort of construction that is used to make sports venues, but it has seen a new utilisation in being used for the Doctor Who Experience.

The exhibition is not finished yet in many parts of it are still being constructed. There are several set pieces from the television show which have been reconstructed inside the exhibition for visitors to explore. One of the most notable is going to be the inside of Starship UK, which appeared in the popular episode, The Beast Below. Visitors are also going to be able to see inside the TARDIS, and as well as these set mockups, there are going to be real props from the television show.


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