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Over the River new work from Christo

It’s been years coming but federal regulators have finally approved the ‘Over the River’ project that has been planned by the artist Christo. The project is going to cover part of a river in Colorado with over 6 miles of luminous, silvery panels that are made out of fabric.

The entire installation will cost $50 million and has received a great deal of criticism for its potential impact on the environment. Federal regulators were urged by the wildlife commission in the state to refuse the project but regulators have approved it and insisted that the artist take over 100 steps to prevent any damage to the environment.

The project is being funded by the artist through the sale of previous drawings. The installation is predicted to bring around $100 million of tourism to the state of Colorado. Ken Salazar is the interior secretary and he has commented, “this is going to bring a great amounts of recreation opportunities for visitors to Colorado and is going to see the jobs in tourism industry thrive.”

Christo, who is now 76 years old has commented to the New York Times, “The greatest compliment an artist can be paid is the people to think about their work and the thought people have put into approving this piece of art is flattering”. This is the first piece of art to ever have an environmental impact statement drawn up. There are several local regulations that will have to be met before construction can start however.


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