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Three ways in which art differs from illustration

For the average person in the street, in the gallery or in the museum, the distinction between art and illustration is something of a grey area. If you glance at a simple illustration of a pastoral scene on a biscuit tin and then look at John Constable’s The Hay Wain, for example, is there a difference in what you’re seeing? And if there is, why

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Arts exhibit manned by ex-cons comes to London

London will be hosting the first ever exhibition that is entirely manned by ex-convicts. This is an annual event held by The Koestler Trust with the theme to promote art made by ex-convicts. This year’s event will be held at the Southbank Centre.

Everything will be run by former convicts; including supervision of the artworks, ushering guests and acting as guides round the venue. Speech

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The Turner House Trust is appealing to the nation to save this country home

A Bicentennial Appeal, worth £2 million, was launched at Twickenham, home to JMW Turner RA, for the restoration and preservation of Sandycombe lodge.

A beautiful Regency villa, Sandycombe Lodge is virtually unknown despite being of national importance. It was designed by Turner, as a retreat for him and his father, and is urgently in need of restoration.

Grade 2* listed, it is largely unspoilt apart

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The Heineken circus is in town

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Ever fancied hosting your own circus then jumping out of a plane attached to a clown? Clint Jacobs didn’t realise he did until he became the latest star in the hilarious series of videos which make up the Heineken Dropped campaign. The premise is simple; Heineken wanted to see how men would cope when they were taken out of their everyday

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Adverts replaced by works of art on over 20,000 UK billboards

Across the UK, 22,000 advertisements which were on billboards, bus stops, and other poster sites have been replaced by works of art. For a period of 2 weeks, the art will be everywhere. The nation has put most of its cherished works of art on roadsides, trains, and tube stations and also in shopping malls.


Art Everywhere, a scheme which was coined together with

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Colin Davis struggled in his early years

Since the announcement last month of the death of British conductor Colin Davis, dozens of eulogies have been published relating various facts about his illustrious career. One of the facts of that career is the difficult early years of his musical life, when he excelled with the clarinet but was stymied in his ambition to conduct by a lack of finesse with a piano keyboard.

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Sculptor drops a clanger by turning rare comics into papier mache

A new sculpture by Andrew Vickers has helped him carve out a name for himself, although it is not likely in the manner that he expected. Vickers created a statue for a Heroes exhibit that was made completely out of papier mache. The papier mache was created from old comics that he found in a skip, however, it turned out that some of the comics

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New art festival launched in London

New art festival launched in London

Press launch day: Thursday July 11th

Time: 11.30 am start – 1pm finish.

Location: Sloane Square, Chelsea. Opposite Peter Jones in the centre of the square

Spokespeople: Meet Roger Becket, Founder of Pintar Rapido, with a selection of artists creating their work live in various mediums.


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Traditional landmarks lose out to the new when it comes to defining London

50 years ago Big Ben, the Tower of London and London Bridge were among the names and landmarks that typified the British capital for a large percentage of the world’s civilised population. Over the past couple of decades, however, centuries of history have been overtaken by technology and changes that some embrace and some disparage, in every field of human endeavor including architecture.

Londoners are

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Tate Britain reveals recent refurbishment

Tate Britain got a new breathe of life this week as the boards were removed and the gallery portion that was closed off was open again. Once again visitors can now walk around the museum and see everything in full. It is hard to miss the chronological voyage as the opening date of 1540 is carved into the floor in gold and the final works

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