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Peter Howson 1p sketch sells for £1,680

schoolA sketch composed by Peter Howson that originally was sold for only a penny, fetched £1,680 at a Glasgow auction.

The sketch is titled Mr. Ness after a teacher that he drew at age 12, while in class in 1970.

The sketch was just one of the 80 pieces that was auctioned off at the sale that took place yesterday by McTear’s auctioneers.

A representative from McTear’s, Magda Ketterer, stated that they always knew that the early sketch would draw an immense amount of attention, which is why it was not surprising that it sold for such a great price.

Ketterer also stated that the simple sketch shows the ability and insight of the renowned artist even from a young age.

Howson was born in London, and after moving to Ayrshire in his youth, later studied at the Glasgow School of Art.

In the 1990s he was declared the ‘war artist’ of the Bosnia conflict by the Imperial War Museum.  Most of his work contains themes of down and out subjects with biblical overtures.

The highest priced painting by Howson entitled Three Faces of Eve sold in 2008 for £300,500.


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