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Peter Howson auction brings out many bidders

11The studio clearance auction by Peter Howson to help him solve personal financial problems brought in £155,000, for the sale of 220 pieces, which is an unprecedented total for an unprecedented event.

The sale brought in over 200 browsers and buyers at the auction location in Drumoyne, Glasgow. In fact, the sale brought in much more people than anticipated; causing the staff from McTear’s to take out chairs so that more people could fit into the bidding area. Additionally, many collectors made bids via the internet or telephone.

One reason for the high attendance may have been the lure of bidding on ‘no reserve’ items at the auctioneer’s discretion, although bids quickly went well over what most probably expected to see.

Among the highest selling pieces were the sketches of ‘Robert Burns (Rabbie)’ at £1750, ‘Three Faces of Robert Burns’ at £2500, and ‘Robert Burns: Inspired’ at £2300. The guide prices for these three pieces of work averaged between £100-£500.

The highest price that a Howson was ever sold for was at a Sotheby’s auction in May of 2008 when the ‘Three Faces of Eve’ fetched £300,000.

For sale at the auction were oil paintings, sketches, and prints.


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