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Peter Howson pulls out of Catholic Church commission

phPeter Howson has decided not to paint a large canvas that would have had an estimated gallery value of about half a million pounds for the Catholic Church.

Originally he was commissioned to build a centrepiece for the Glasgow St. Andrew’s Cathedral as part of its new renovation once it opens next year by Archbishop Mario Conti, but he pulled out after he found out that he would not be paid for the work.

The church called the proposed artwork one of the most important commissions since the Reformation for a Scottish Catholic church, with an estimate of about 600 individual figures showcasing the martyrdom of St. John Ogilvie at the size of 24ft x 18ft. It would have the largest scene of its type in Scotland.

Archbishop Conti stated at the time of the commission that the opportunity to have Howson paint the memorial was due to his spirituality and artistic talent.

However, Howson told friends that he will not be completing the painting due to the fact that he is ill and drawing is difficult for him let alone painting. His friends stated that with his current problems, not to mention a police probe that was launched of his former manager, he will not be able to complete the painting for the cathedral.


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