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Picasso art theft

Thieves have recently taken several famous paintings by the masters of the 20th century. Police have described the art theft as ‘spectacular’ and among the stolen artworks are paintings by Pablo Picasso. The thieves broke into the Athens National Gallery on Monday morning and the alarm failed to sound because the thieves had previously tampered with it.

The heist only lasted for seven minutes, and the lack of alarm meant that the response time to the incident was slow. On Sunday, the thieves had purposefully set off the alarm numerous times so that it was not set off when the actual heist occurred on Monday. A 1939 work by Picasso called ‘Women’s Head’ was stolen, as was a work by Piet Mondrian called ‘Mill.’ An additional painting they tried to steal was discarded as they fled the scene.

A spokesperson from the police has commented on the incident, “These thieves were experts and they had clearly been planning this heist for a long time. Everything about it was well calculated and well executed.” The police spokesman also confirmed that Interpol had been notified and anti-art theft experts are working to recover the arts and return them to their rightful owners.

Over the past few years, Greece has been putting greater pressure on art thieves by working with Italy to crack down on people who are trading in the stolen art market. Previously, both countries had problems with antiquities thieves and tomb raiders and there was not enough protection in place to protect these valuable artefacts.

This recent theft is sure to be something that the Greek authorities working in the anti-art theft world would have preferred to have avoided.


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