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Polar bear sculpture to melt away

brA London sculptor is attempting to create an art piece that will represent the Arctic’s melting ice.  By the end of the Copenhagen Conference the polar bear sculpture is specifically being designed so that it will melt into a puddle leaving only a skeleton behind.

The sculpture is known as the bear in the square and is designed by Mark Coreth who said that the piece is meant to represent much more than just polar bears.

Coreth stated that when you reach up to touch the polar bear at the same time you are touching the Arctic and the problem and thus he is hoping that as people become aware of the problem they will be motivated to help get involved with the solution as well.

The artist was inspired to create his sculptor after a visit to Northern Canada and is hoping to bring widespread attention to the plight of the Arctic and polar bears.

Pen Hadow the explorer took a trek through the Arctic at the beginning of the year and found that the ice is melting at a much faster rate than scientists initially believed.

The sculpture is a hands-on sculpture with the public encouraged to reach out and touch it so that they can personally see how the effect of their hands- or their personal contribution- causes the sculpture to melt much quicker just as personal choices can increase the depth of the climate change crisis.


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