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Pop artist may be jailed over pop bottle pop art

gatPop artist Jason Eric Kay, attempted to profit from Tiger Woods sullied image, but only succeeded in getting charged with product tampering by the American Justice Department on Wednesday.

Kay was charged for taking the labels off of Gatorade, which he replaced with labels he created that show Woods and wife Elin Woods on one side of the bottle with the word ‘unfaithful’ plastered on the other.  The criminal complaint states that he was able to distribute 67 bottles to Denver stores.

The Justice Department took Kay into custody on Wednesday and charged him with altering food labels to cause damage to the person featured as well as misbranding.  He faces a sentence that carries fines up to $450,000 and five years in prison.

Before he was taken into custody Kay wrote to PepsiCo, the owner of Gatorade, and proposed that they send him on a multi-city tour that would involve Kay dressing up in Gatorade apparel and handing out the tampered bottles to consumers.  After PepsiCo received several complaints from the public about the tampered bottles they contacted the FDA.

Daniel Burke, a Special Agent of the FDA Office of Criminal Investigations, said that when he questioned Kay he commented that he knew his scheme was illegal but that he did not think that anyone would make a big deal about it.

Woods numerous affairs appeared in the news back in December after which Gatorade announced that it would not continue to manufacture its Tiger Woods branded drink.  Despite the timing, Gatorade spokesmen said the endorsement deal was not dropped because of recent events.


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