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Punk art comes to The Tate courtesy of Alex Ogg

Rock guitarist and one time member of Winterton, Alex Ogg, is soon to be a solo star at London’s famous Tate Gallery. This is all due to the fact that a book which 45 year old Alex co-wrote has inspired a full evening of films, live music, discussions and visuals entitled The Art of Punk. It will be at the Starr Auditorium in the gallery from 6.30pm on the 4th October.

The book which he wrote along with Russ Beatley is effectively a 35 year journey through the world of punk art work, and is a celebration of a vast range of flyers, posters, fanzines, fashion ephemera and record sleeves.

Alex, who is London based and attended Scunthorpe’s John Leggott College is widely recognised as one of Britain’s foremost writers on popular music, and his work in the past has charted the careers of the likes of The Clash and the Sex Pistols.

In an interview he gave to What’s On, he said that punk art highlighted the evolution of movement that had taken place within graphic print and design, whilst also considering the impact it had on both popular culture and fashion. He added that it charted a chronological narrative from the proto-punk scenes of the late 60’s and early 70’s in the UK and the US through to today’s contemporary worldwide punk arena.

After his spell as a bassist with That Noble Porpoise, Alex turned his hand to full time writing. His books include Mojo winners Independence Days and No More Heroes, The Hip Hop Years and he is also the co-editor of the academic journal ‘Punk and Post-Punk’.


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