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Rare opportunity to view the work of Lowry’s instructor

Rare opportunity to view the work of Lowry’s instructor

Rare opportunity to view the work of Lowry’s instructor

It is expected that many people who love art are going to come to Manchester to see a new exhibition that is going to be displaying some art by some of the country’s most successful contemporary artists. There will also be work at the exhibition by Valette, who is famous for being the instructor of L.S. Lowry.

The art exhibition is going to be showing what is the largest collection of Valette pieces. There are over twenty items in total by the artist that are for sale  including one of his largest oil paintings that is on the market: Factories and Warehouses, which was painted in 1908.

The auction will be taking place next month and many pieces of art are expected to sell for many millions of pounds. His famous painting of Piccadilly Circus is expect to be sold for over £6 million. It is expected that the sale of the painting at the auction will increase the value of his art all over the world. The artist has had a great influence on many people who paint urban settings; this can be seen in the modern day works of Liam Spencer.

The event is being held in Clark Art which is located in Cheshire and primary features works from Vallete as well as the Liam Spencer. The event opens on October 20th and will run until November 19th. :

Liam Spencer was born in Burnley and has become famous for his paintings of the urban scenes in Salford and Manchester. He paints in a very vivid style and this has become easily recognisable. The new exhibition will be featuring over fifty of his new works.

Spencer who is 47 years old is one of the new artists his age who has managed to get a permanent exhibition at Manchester City Gallery. He is also one of the youngest people to have had a retrospective exhibition. His art first came to prominence when he was asked to design the art to be used at the City of Manchester Stadium to celebrate the UEFA Cup Final. He has a strong following and his work has often sold out.

Bill Clark, owner of Clark Art which is hosting the exhibition, said:

“This is one of the most exciting exhibitions we’ve ever held at the gallery.  It will feature the work of two of the greatest Northern artists.  Although Valette and Spencer were born 88 years apart, there are similarities in their painting styles and subject matter.  Whilst Valette is best known as the teacher of L.S. Lowry and the creator of a series of impressionist paintings of Edwardian Manchester, Spencer is one of the most important northern artists of his generation and paints Manchester as it is today.  The two artists complement each other beautifully and the exhibition will be a unique opportunity to see and purchase work never previously displayed.”

French impressionist Valette (1876-1942) arrived in Manchester in 1905 where he studied and then taught at  the Manchester School of Art, famously teaching L.S. Lowry, who went on to achieve worldwide fame.

The exhibition will coincide with a major retrospective exhibition of the work of Valette at The Lowry Centre Salford which opens on 15th October.

Liam Spencer graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Manchester Polytechnic in 1986.  He now runs his own studio in Rossendale.


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