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Red Ribbon art display marks World AIDS day

As part of an effort to mark World AIDS day on December 1st and simultaneously the National AIDS Trust’s 25th anniversary, the NAT will launch a special Red Ribbon Art display at City Hall in London.

The exhibition will be free to the public and runs from November 27th until December 7th. It will feature an exclusive art collection that is the culmination of thirty high profile supporters including Gok Wan, Annie Lennox, Robert Taylor, Maggi Hambling, and Dr. Christian Jessen. Also involved in the effort are fashion designers Giles Deacon, Philip Treacy, Matthew Williamson, Daniel Lismore, and Paul Smith who have all creatively shown what they can do with the red ribbon using it as their design motif.

As part the exhibition, every item that is on display will also be auctioned off online with the auction officially closing online on the same day that the exhibition ends. Some starting bids begin as low as fifty pounds although ti is expected that they will end up much higher by the close of the gallery.

Chief Executive of NAT, Deborah Jack, stated that over the last few decades there has been a major shift in way that AIDS is treated and a lot of progress has been made. She added that there are plenty of reasons to be proud of how the UK has responded to the threat, but there are still many challenges ahead such as discrimination and reducing the amount of people that are undiagnosed.


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