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Rembrandt Portrait of Catrina Hooghsaet buyers in the wings

widowArt dealers are looking into how they can get one of the most valuable paintings in Wales valued around £40m. The painting by Rembrandt is called Portrait of Catrina Hooghsaet and is currently on display in Gwynedd at the Penrhyn Castle in Bangor.

Stephen Somerville, the art adviser to the Penrhyn Settled Estates, said that over the last month he has received three calls regarding the painting.

Three years ago the Dutch Culture Ministry attempted to purchase the painting for an Amsterdam museum but they were unable to come up with enough funds for the high £40m price tag.  After negotiating for six months, the museum was forced to pull out with only £26.4m available in funds.

Somerville stated that even though the painting is not actively available on the market as part of his job responsibilities he does pass on interest and inquiries to the Penrhyn Settled Estates Trust.  The trust acts for the Douglas Pennant family who originally owned the Rembrant and is its true owners.

The family also owns the castle and trustee and poet Richard Douglass Pennant still lives on the castle grounds along with his wife although the home itself is actually owned now by the National Trust.

Somerville stated that during last month while he was in Italy he received three inquiries about the painting from agents and dealers that stated they wanted to get a client intrigued in purchasing it.  As of the moment he added that that nothing had happened any further with the inquiries.

The last painting the Douglass Pennant family sold was the Jan Steen piece, The Burgomaster of Delft.


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