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Richard Attenborough auctions part of his art collection

SothMost people know Richard Attenborough as an entrepreneur, director, and actor, but it turns out he was also a collector, who over the years collected many pieces of British 20th century art.

For those interested in this time period, the news that 51 works from Attenborough’s collection will be sold at a Sotheby’s auction on November 11th may come as a nice surprise.

According to the Attenborough’s, the couple decided to sell the pieces because they do not have enough display space in their home for their entire collection. Some of the artists that are available for purchase are Graham Sutherland, Henry Moor, LS Lowry, Christopher Wood, and Barbara Hepworth.

Lord Attenborough spoke highly of the collection stating that some of the pieces have even inspired his work as a film director. This is not a small feat given that he has received three Golden Globes and two Academy Awards over his career.

Among the top pieces in the collection is the Lowry piece “Old Houses” which is a scene that shows men around a group of tired horses. Although the picture has a lot of motion in it, there is a general consensus that many of the men in the painting are unemployed.


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