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Richard Wright takes the Turner

turnRichard Wright who has been known as one of the quietist of the flamboyant artists received the Turner Prize Award which totals £25,000.

Wright is known for his ‘out there’ style of works which are usually made of some rare and weird materials such as a whale skull or cows’ brains.

Wright said that he was shocked to find out he won the award, and that he has no idea what he will spend it on outside of some bills.

Aged 49, Wright was the oldest artist on the shortlist for the Turner making the list by one year.  His work was often drawn directly onto the gallery walls in which it was displayed and at the end of a show he often whitewashes his work.

One of the unique talents of Wright is that he does not preconceive his work; instead he simply stares at the blank wall as a canvas and then gets to work.  His entry for the Turner Award was a covering a large wall at Tate Britain with wallpaper with a Braque print of gold leaf geometrical patterns.

The Jury for the Turner Award including the director of Tate Britain, Stephen Deucher and Mariella Frostup the broadcaster.  Both stated that they admired the beauty of his work as well as its originality.

Wright was born in London but moved to Scotland at a young age and was schooled at the Edinburgh College of Art.  Currently Wright resides in the town of Glasgow.


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