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Rijksmuseum makeover makes it stand out amongst the Amsterdam museums

In the last 10 years, museums all over the world have been renovating their galleries. A museum that stands out is the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which was closed down for a total of 10 years for renovations.

The museum is home to Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Vermeer, and other art masterpieces from the “Golden Age”. Contrary to what one may think, the purpose of the renovation was not to install a modern gallery, but to restore the original palace made of Victorian-era bricks, from way back in 1885.

Very few museums would have the gumption or the resources to close down for such a long period of time. Oddly enough, the closure happened when other notable museums, such as the Stedelijk, Van Gogh, and Museumplein had also closed down for renovations.

The cyclists that pass through the entrance of this historic building opposed changes that would deny them the opportunity to pass through this entrance. They claimed that they were an important part of the history of the museum, since they have used this entrance since the museum was opened.

The most important fact behind the renovation was to bring back the glory of the museums past. The venture cost the government a total of 375 million Euros; money which was used to remove all modern architecture and restore the original floors and murals. The museum is all about restoring the glory of Dutch art, and is therefore a precious national treasure worthy of such expenditure.

The venture did not receive the approval of all, with some considering it to be a white elephant project, aimed at restoring Roman Catholic architecture. Originally, the building was a cathedral designed by the Roman Catholic Architect, Pierre Cuypers. All in all, the majority of citizens believe that it is important to maintain such a rich art history in its original gallery setting.


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