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Romanian artists are displayed in Liverpool next month

In Liverpool in February, an exhibition will display state-of-the-art Romanian paintings. Five Romanian artists – Flavia Pitis, Dragos Burlacu, Radu Belcin, Aurel Tar, and Francisc Chiuariu will be featuring their work in the Corke Art Gallery for the End of Empires.

“Coming face to face with the ’empires’ of other posts and democracy, Post Communism and Communism, Capitalism, and Post Consumerism and Consumerism, art belongs somewhere between skepticism of the New Poor and appeals to the Nouveau Riche, the market value and the freedom of knowledge” states the gallery’s new exhibition blog. In late Romania, the Corke Gallery states the artwork featured in the exhibition are a contemplation of this advanced reality.

Picking out a single piece of work would be cruicial, for there are many outstanding pieces in the assemblage. Illustrated with daunting surrealism/realism, Radu Belcin’s arts feature matters fitted with gags and bridles, which question identity and freedom. Francisc Chiuariu’s elatedly named assemblage, Forever Ikea, focuses on the child in consumer association, meanwhile Aurel Tar’s pursuits juxtapose pieces from Greek relic with the European financial catastrophe.

The artists array different approaches, mediums and styles, although a darkness and skepticism affiliates the whole assemblage. Gallery and Nasui Private assemblage produced this exhibition, Nasui Private is a historical operator displaying the most influential creation of a chosen team of contemporary Romanian artists.

Nearby to Sefton Park, stationed in South Liverpool, is the Corke Art Gallery. Open since 2010, the gallery exhibits and stocks fine, original, and contemporary art. Running from February 1 through February 22 is the End of Empires showcase.



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