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Scottish art is a big hit in London

flemmingIn a major expansion a London gallery that has been an important showcase for Scottish art will double its space for exhibitions. Dubbed the Embassy of Scottish Art the Fleming Collection of Scottish Art will be opening in June a new 125sqm space in their Piccadilly gallery. Admission will be charged for the very first time and will be showcasing over 50 classic works from Scotland.

An independent foundation has rum the Fleming Collection since 1990 that was launched from the Flemings bank art collection. The gallery space was opened in 2002 over and 100,000 people visit annually.

All funds are private but there were two major donations that helped with a five year lease for the new space above where the current gallery is on Berkeley Street London. Keeper of the collection Selina Skipwith said it was an important step for the gallery to make in just their 11th year. Now there will be works from the permanent collection on exhibit at all times which they were not able to do before.

The new space will have works such as key pictures by the Glasgow Boys and the Scottish Colourists next to exhibits of contemporary Scottish artists. It is the only gallery in all of the UK that is devoted to Scottish Art in its entirety.

When the gallery opens in June there will be 50 items that will be displayed that includes two iconic paintings – Lochaber No More by John Watson Nicol and The Highland Clearances by Thomas Faed.

Director of Edinburgh’s Scottish Gallery, Guy Peploe said that the new gallery was a guarantee that the crown jewels of the great Fleming Collection will be seen by the people. There have been several works that have been loaned to the Dumfries House in Ayrshire.


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