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Sculptor drops a clanger by turning rare comics into papier mache

A new sculpture by Andrew Vickers has helped him carve out a name for himself, although it is not likely in the manner that he expected. Vickers created a statue for a Heroes exhibit that was made completely out of papier mache. The papier mache was created from old comics that he found in a skip, however, it turned out that some of the comics he used were worth thousands.

Comic fan Steve Eyre actually commissioned the sculpture for his exhibit and said that he was devastated once he realised that the artist had destroyed some very rare and vintage comics to create the statue. Eyre said that the model’s leg had the cover of an Avengers No. 1 edition that is valued at about £10,000 and there are six other first editions at other locations on the sculpture that total up to be worth over £20,000.

That makes the sculpture more expensive than one made out of Italian marble, assuming of course that the comics had not been destroyed in the process. Eyre added that the comics are worth much more than the statue ever will be and he has told Vickers to call him about any comics he finds in the skip in the future.

Vickers took a lighter approach to the situation stating that there is nothing to do but laugh about it since it’s too late to do anything about the comics now. He added that he liked the idea that he created something using expensive materials that made the overall creation worth even less. To him that was a brilliant touch even if it was unintentional. He hopes perhaps a comic loving celebrity will want the model but even if it never sells it has still been a pretty cool subject to talk about.



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