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Sculpture found dumped in car park

A sculpture that was originally made in memory of the glorious aviation history of Kingston is currently dumped in a car park. It was made by an artist named Carole Hodgson in 1987 in celebration of the town’s association with British Aerospace which was more than 75 years at that time. The factory was closed in 1992, marking the end of a glorious history of 80 years or manufacture and design of aircrafts.

After 20 years of closure of the factory, the sculpture has been found languishing in the Cattle Market car park. Harry Hawker, who was born in Australia, became an established aviator just before the start of World War I with many years of experience of managing hangars in aerodrome of Brooklands. He went on to become the chief test pilot for an already acknowledged aircraft designer Tom Sopwith. One of his famous creations was Sopwith Camel.

Both of them finally became the owners of Hawker Aircraft Limited when Sopwith Aviation Company filed for bankruptcy as a result of World War I. The company was again renamed as Hawker Siddeley Aircraft and produced some renowned aircraft like Demon and Hard and then Hunter and Harrier in the post war period.


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